Bahnhofsmission Zoo

Making heros out of people that have been cast out of society.

Helping thousands of homeless people in Berlin, the Bahnhofsmission Zoo is one of the most important organisations for people without a shelter in Berlin. People in need can always come to the institution to receive food, clothing or take a shower. More than hundred people visit every single day.
In this project for my university I had the posibility to work with metadesign to create new measures and a new branding for this important organization. I wanted to capture the rough tone of the institution and give homeless a voice to defeat the barrier between rich and poor.

Main appearance

I chose a very basic look and feel, something that wouldn't show glamour or wealth, but really is close to the actual cause. The color blue is the most dominant element of the brand, being a reference to the blue wests the helpers wear. these vests are the first thing someone needing help sees.

reduced to the minimum i wanted to keep a bit of warmth in my design. rounded corners in all elements make the design more relatable meanwhile still staying very true to the cause. the imagery is very light, friendly and has a documentary style.

The Logo

also the logo had to stay simple. just a wordmark makes sense, cleverly placing the letters to retrieve a hidden word, zoo. the location of the charity is right by one of the most important trainstations in berlin, the words are also a reference to trains driving by all day, just as homeless come for help continuesly.

The external impact

White, blue and black are the most prominent colors in web and print. Bold typography with a very direct tone is present to give a rough and real feel of berlin and the life as a homeless there. The design intends to provoce with interesting facts, emotional content and real people.

Heroes of the Street

a campaigne to give homeless a voice.

Every Hero has a Story

With interesting faces and pictures the campaigne aims to spark interest on posters. the poster shows a homeless person and focuses on an amazing trait they have that seems "heroic". when clicking on the link you can actually read the story behind how this happened.


getting donations from the festivalattendants.

Giving without even realizing it

one of the biggest problems in the bahnhofsmission is that they are always in need of sleeping bags. i came up with an idea that would generate plenty of sleepingbags in a few days. the bmz will be present at festivals with collection trucks, collecting outdoor items for berlin, while relieving the musiclovers of their heavy luggage.