Bringing the exciting spirit of Berlin to the whole world.

the joung german airline airberlin was founded 1978 has grown to be the second biggest german airline. they approached my school (university of applied science) in 2015 to do a collaboration in order to develop new strategies, a new corperate design and most importantly to get a hang of lgbt-marketing.
i had the wonderful chance to take part in this wonderful course and got to explore corporate design for the first time! little did i know that we would end up in the airberlin hq pitching our idea in front of the ceos of etihad and airberlin and eventually implementing our designs for a festival!

Main appearance

airberlin already has a very strong apearance, but it was stuck a little too much stuck in bauhaus and not in the future, as an airline should. in order too achieve a more futuristic look that still is influenced by airberlins hometown, berlin.
the creative mission was "airberlin pursues the mission to merge people, cities and cultures, just like its hometown.

Visual Style

i wanted to create a unique style that is quite young, loud and arty (like berlin) but also keep it appealing for older generations. freshening up airberlin's red was crucial, but also adding a secondary color seemed like a wise choice to set itself appart from the competition.

ofcourse design is not only to get custumors, but it also creates loyal customers as the values that were delivered outside carry on in the plane. this is why i created a productdesign for both digital products, but also products that will accompany you in the air. the idea is to be at your destination while you are still in the air by creating menus that are destination specific. other ideas envolved the consideration of including berlin in the flights by having local food or even supporting the berlin start-up scene.


a very important wish of the customer was to implement lgbt marketing. after extensive research about successfull marketing or shitstorms we created a concept that has funny plays on words but also delivers a strong political message, wich of course is important. it is difficult to translate these phrases; one of them is, "we also fly upwind!" after presenting the whole concept to the ceos of etihad and airberlin we got the chance to design airberlin's stand on the gay and lesbian streetfare in berlin, where airberlin is supporting the aids-help for several years. you can find the implemantation further down.

this is the implementation for the gay and lesbian streetfare of berlin!

wie schon vorheriges jahr gingen alle einnahmen des standes von airberlin an die berliner aids-hilfe. wir übernahmen die gestaltung der banner, beutel, flyer, t-shirts...

the goodies

für jeden gab es einen jutebeutel mit der aufschrift: "airberlin und das ist auch gut so", in anlehnung an den berühmten satz den der ehemalige bürgermeister klaus wowereit mal zu seiner sexualität sagte.