hi, i'm niklas krüger, a 22 year old designer from berlin

I'm a 22 year old berlin based designstudent, published in northern germany and brought up in bonn, naples and ljubljana. i am in love with clear lines, bright colours and minimal asthetics. i do branding & editorial.

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Niklas Krüger Portrait

I believe good Design is always a mix off creativity and improvisation

Since 7th grade I have dreamt of being a designer, now I am studying my "dream" in the shape of visual communication at the School of applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW). before that i have been travelling a lot, but also did an internship at kitz.kommunikation. Recently i have also been working in the berlin based design-office neue werte creating corporate designs, webproducts and a few editorial projects, having to quit because i wanted to do an branding-internship at the one an only edenspiekermann.

In my short career i had the honor to work for some very interisting customers, my most valueable one being the second biggest airline in germany: airberlin.

As a Designer it is my responsibility to always keep up with the new technology, trends or the market. Of course this also includes the use of grafical tools such as the Creative Cloud, but also tools for prototyping or even creating new techniques to solve problems. In the end, most good things are about improvisation and creativity.

Fell free to ask me out for a drink and a chat,
Niklas Krüger